Learning To Ride A Motorbike

All those who are interested in learning to ride a motorcycle should always ensure they take all the safety measures first. Safety will begin with wearing the appropriate gears for the type of learning you want to embark on. Learners should also enroll in motorcycle safety courses that they will be given proper guidance and skills on how to safely and properly ride.

Learning to ride

The first and most important step in getting yourself enrolled in a motorcycle safety course. The course will provide one with correct tools for learning both safety rules to observe and techniques while riding. One might be provided with a motorbike to use while enrolled in a course and this is very advantageous for those who do not have a one of their own. After the end of a series of lessons, one will have acquired basics of operation and safety. This will enable you to apply for the appropriate license for your bike class.


One should always familiarize themselves with the basic controls on the motorcycle before they begin to ride. Riding will require quick thinking and without the basics knowledge of the controls, one might find themselves in dangerous situations while riding. Learn about controls like the hand clutch located on the left handlebar; this is used for disengaging the power when shifting gears. The gear shifter, located on the left foot is used for changing one gear down or up while re-pulling the clutch lever. The throttle, on the right handlebar, is used to accelerate the bike. On the right handlebar is the handbrake that is used to apply brakes on the front wheel.

Get on the bike

One should always get on the bike from the left side of the motorcycle. You get hold of the left handlebar; swing your right foot over the motorcycles seat. The left foot should be firmly standing on the ground while the right foot is stepping on the rear gears on the right of the bike. Before starting the bike, go through the functions on the bike to get to know where every one of them is located. Make sure you can reach the handlebar making sure your hands have a bend on the elbow, the clutch lever and the brake levers comfortable. Make sure also the switches on the handlebar are within reach by your fingers.


Turn your key to ignition, put your bike to neutral by downshifting to first gear and shift up once. Push the start button, and the engine will be on. The bike will warm up for like 30 seconds before the engine is ready. Pull the clutch lever back and the bike will pull itself forward. Therefore, to learn to ride a motorcycle repeat all the above many times.