How To Be A Safe And Conscientious Driver

Before a serious accident occurs, it is always better to try and prevent it. Preventing a car crash is actually not all that hard. It just takes a little bit of diligence on car owners everywhere. In fact, automobile manufacturers have already done their best to reduce the number of casualties caused by car accidents every year. The number has significantly decreased from a whopping 50k deaths per year in 1980 to only a little bit more than 30k in 2015. If every driver on the road did his/her part starting with you right now, we could make a difference and make Americas roads safer for everyone.

Here are a few things that you can do to prevent a car accident.

1. Get Routine Maintenance

It goes without saying that a well-maintained car is a much safer car. Getting regular oil changes should be one of your top priorities as a conscientious car owner. During the oil change, the auto body shops mechanics will also perform various checks and maintenance routines on your vehicle. In fact, if you have your vehicles maintenance manual handy, you will find that with each scheduled oil change, there are some parts that will need to be replaced and certain checks that need to be performed on your car.

Also, a well-maintained car results in more fuel efficiency and less money spent on fuel.

2. Stay In Your Lane

There are generally only a few instances wherein overtaking is permissible. Just because you find the car in front of you to be a slowpoke, this does not give you the right to overtake. Most people are hot-headed if they are in a rush however and when there are no authorities around, they just love overtaking left and right. Do not be one of these people. Be safe and stay in your lane. You may honk your horn mildly at the vehicle in front of you to urge the driver to drive a little bit faster, but be forewarned that some people take this action the wrong way.

3. Stop, Look, Listen

If you are going to change lanes or if you are rejoining traffic, never do it in a hurry. Always stop, look and listen before you slowly take the lane that you want. Furthermore, dont forget your signal light or hand signals. Be vigilant and watch out all the time as you are taking a new lane.

4. Anticipate At Least 12 Seconds Ahead

Driving can be like a video game at times. You need to have foresight and anticipate or look at least 12 seconds ahead. Be aware of the traffic conditions. Know if that pedestrian or biker near the corner is planning to cross regardless of what the signal light says. Watch out for stray pets and children. Also, be aware of the cars on your left and right sides as well as behind you.

5. Theres An Aggressive Driver Behind Me

When you see an aggressive driver behind you, do the logical and safe thing: let him pass. Its not a point against your driving skill to be safe. Remember, your life, that of your passengers and everyone on the road is in your hands every time you get behind the wheel.