The Best Alloy Wheels From Brisbane

Street Wheels and Tyres (SWT) offers the best alloy wheels in the business. You cannot find better quality and pricing in Brisbane today.

Why Choose Alloy Wheels?

Alloy wheels are made of either magnesium or aluminium alloys, which are a mixture of one metal and other elements. This mixture allows the wheels to have significantly more strength, compared to other (pure) metals, which are more ductile and are softer in comparison. Alloys are lighter but are stronger, give more efficient conduction of heat, and to the delight of many motorists look better aesthetically than steel wheels.Here are more advantages of using alloy wheels:

– Lighter Mass – alloy wheels weigh less, which helps in reducing fuel consumption in the long run. The less mass there is, the better the cars suspension is in following the terrain, which also improves grip.

– Heat Conduction this lets heat dissipate from brakes, increasing brake performance even in demanding conditions. This also lowers the possibility of overheating-related failures.

– Aesthetic Purposes you would be surprised by how many drivers purchase alloy wheels over their steel counterparts just for cosmetic reasons. This is because alloys can be produced with bare metal finishes, which are considerably more attractive. Even if many argue that these are prone to corrosion (usually after three years or longer), refurbishment is relatively cheap and widely available today. In addition, alloys can be treated with intricate and unique designs.

The Market Condition

It is not a secret that alloy wheels are considered expensive in the past. They have only become more common in the economy car market since the year 2000. A decade earlier and you wont see these types of wheels except on luxury and collectible vehicles. Today, though, economy and subcompact cars often don on alloy wheels, since they have become common factory options. Because of this history, the wheels themselves have been the target of thieves for their high value. As an answer, manufacturers have begun using locking nuts that cannot be removed without a special key given to the owner.

SWT offers alloy wheels, among many other products. Here, you can be assured of the finest craftsmanship, highest quality, most competitive pricing, and best customer service especially since we offer only the top brands in the market. We have the most comprehensive array of wheel selection for you to pick from, and a trained staff to assist you to make sure you go home with the most suitable wheels for your car. Visit us at or call us at 3208-5208.